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A 1,300 Year Old, Egyptian Book of Spells Has Been Deciphered

Absolutely amazing. So much knowledge and experience just Opened Up!

Metal Gaia


Egyptian Handbook of Spells Deciphered (Live Science)

Order the Coptic Handbook of Ritual Power

How did the Egyptians in the 8th century A.D. cast a love spell, exorcise a demon or subjugate their enemies? A recently translated codex reveals 27 different spells that were combined for form a “single instrument of religious power.” The book was written in the Coptic language, an adaptation of Greek script, at a time when many Egyptians were Christians. In fact, the book contains many invocations that refer to Jesus Christ.

What is interesting is that several of the invocations seem to originate from a group who called themselves “Sethians.” This was a group that flourished in Egypt during the early centuries of Christianity. They held Seth, who they believed to be the third son of Adam and Eve, in high regard. One invocation refers to Seth as the living Christ.

What is interesting is that before…

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Tonight, I am Ranting

Liking this blog 🙂

Syster Synn

(TL;DR -too long didn’t read -Version: just in case you don’t want to read it all: Screw the holidays and especially screw people who are too self absorbed to be with family or too money hungry to allow others to be with family)

Full version:

The holidays were always a special time with my family growing up. It was the time of year that everyone made time to spend with family. Some people could only manage a drive-by visit and stay only long enough to have a quick bite to eat and see how everyone was before they had to take off again, but they managed it.

The holidays were times to reminisce about days gone by and share stories with family that we did not get to see throughout the rest of the year. We always ate too much and the adults usually drank to much. It was a good and happy…

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Are Witches Born or Made?

Abilities and Sensitivities often go hand in hand.

The Natural Born Witches' Blog

Witch on a broom Witch on a broom

It is a hotly debated question: Are we born witches or must we do something special to become a true witch?

The correct answer is: A little of both.

There are a few people who are so insensitive that they are for all practical purposes dead to all but the densely physical world. These are the people who never have any sort of anomalous experience of any kind.

Such people are not well-suited to witchcraft because they are unable to sense anything outside the physical world and, therefore, tend to believe that it doesn’t exist.

“Seeing is believing” is a valid truism. For example, it would be hard to believe people who cannot see the full spectrum of colors to believe that certain colors exist. Those who are blind to the color, red, must accept that they cannot see it while others can. They may believe…

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Unwiccan Rant ~ Not for sissies or crybabies ~ You have been warned so no whining!

I think the top of my lovely, empathic, magickal, traditional head has just blown off!  There are probably crows or ravens circling the trees outside, waiting and excited to help me kick whomever’s ass.  But here I sit .. hitting only keys …. hoping that someone will HEAR me and understand.  I can’t make you hear me, but you can’t make me shut up either! So get your big girl / big boy panties on and settle in for the ride, or pick up your marbles and go home cause I’m going to be Mean and Pissed and Vocal and Fed-up!!


Number freaking 1  I try very hard to be educated and aware.  Not just about the path that I’m on, but also about the paths I’ve rejected.  How in the hell can you BE or NOT BE something when you have either no knowledge, or a twisted knowledge, of whatever you’ve just rejected or espoused?  Like you’re an Arrogant Asshat!  That’s how!  … Anyway, I decide to read from my witchy shelf and learn a little, and I see a book that I wonder why I haven’t been drawn to already.  The Witches’ Bible.  Well, hell, that sounds great, let’s read it!  …  Oh Hecate help me, I had a blasted temper induced mini stroke – or 7 – on my own damn couch!  It is not, I fully guarantee, an all encompassing guide or rulebook to “witchcraft”  … A craft that was throwing energy & magick before wiccans were in diapers! Hell, witchery was an art, science, and natural gift millennia before there even were diapers!  It is a Wiccan Bible, you have my word!  A bible is a pretty significant document to any faith and, I assure you, I don’t give one Rat’s Ass if the wiccans want their own bible.  Good on you, wicca!  Go, evolve, be a REAL religion, like Christianity

(cause they do such a good job with their REAL religion and I do kinda wonder why you chose “Bible” for the title since they’ve opressed, repressed, systematically destroyed cultures & traditions, drowned us, drowned themselves calling each other “witch”, burned us, burned themselves calling each other “witch”, because THE RULES IN THE BIBLE SAID god SAID THEY HAD TO, but I mean, however you wanna run things, I just thought I’d mention it … )

But if you have a document that so damn long, full of so many rules, and instructions (and follow-this-method-or-it’ll-be-wrong cause a religion that was based on the old ways is now both the Grand Puba & the Gestapo of Magick and Magickal Ethics for all of Paganville) and so damn important to your faith, why wouldn’t you even attempt to title it accurately??  You just alienated all witches who aren’t wiccan, & propagated the concept that all witches are wicca, (that the two terms are synonyms) to an already uneducated, miseducated, uninformed Muggledom.  They are NOT! ALL WITCHES ARE NOT WICCAN!  Aggorant, Asshats!  (Yep, good on you, yay, woohoo)


Number damn 2.  So my days and nights are mixed up and I decide to take a retarded interwebs quiz.  It was “What Type of Witch Are You?” on and it was …. *sigh* Made me show my ass … in the PUBLIC … the Facebook-Real-Name-Public!  It was smart enough to label me “traditional” … which I more or less am, BUT  (Here’s my ass and attitude, might as show it everywhere)

Called me (on being Traditional), but, Ignorant Quiz Author, if I may have ur attention, your questions are biased toward one branch “type” of witchcraft. Perhaps you should spend some time learning, from history over propaganda, instead of writing invalid quizzes .. just sayin.

For pity’s sake, if you author a quiz that is supposed to intuit the type of witch someone is, why would you have two questions asking what I do with my coven, one suggesting I’m responsible for reigning in another witch’s path, and one asking my favorite tool.  My what?  I am the damn tool!  So clearly, well intentioned author, you already decided I’m wiccan (it’s cause I’m a witch, isn’t it?) but you wanted to decide “What Type of Wiccan I Was?” Why can’t anyone hear me??  ALL WITCHES ARE NOT WICCAN, AND ALL WICCANS ARE NOT WITCHES.  I know it’s a stupid facebook quiz, but lots of people, who take your ideas, posts, and words to be accurate, are BELIEVING you.  And it’s insulting and discrediting to the other gazillion witches.  Arrogance, you Asshat!


Number Finale 3. (Please see featured image, or overreaction won’t even have a reference point.)  So I moved on to instagram, posting witchy stuff I’ve picked up here and there.  I always reread before I post.  Thank you goddess that I’m not stupid and feel an obligation to make sure I’m consistent.  … Anyway, I had this sweet post about cats (which I like), and traditional meanings ascribed to them (which I like) and then I read, Cats know the spirit of the witch they’re attached to and will protect wiccans against evil.  Let that sink a second.  Go ahead, I’ll wait……  YES THEY DID! (I don’t think anyone sat down and said, “Hmmmmm, I think I’ll post using language that will at best alienate, and at worst, piss off, my brothers and sisters in the craft.”  But you DID!)  … At the risk of being redundant,

ALL WITCHES ARE NOT WICCAN, AND ALL WICCANS ARE NOT WITCHES.  I know it’s a stupid interwebs post, but lots of people, who take your ideas, posts, and words to be accurate, are BELIEVING you.  And it’s insulting and discrediting to the other gazillion witches.  Arrogance, you Asshat!


Stop, think, make sure you know, you know, you know what the hell you’re talking about!  (There’s so much I don’t know, that I don’t even know what I don’t know!) Take the time to educate yourself, don’t just go blindly like sheep because someone told you something.  Witchcraft can be practiced alone or with other witches as the practitioner chooses, but part of the damn point is that it’s very personal.  Your learning should come from you. Just because someone  you trust tells you something, doesn’t mean THEY weren’t told by an ignorant or arrogant asshat!

Don’t be a Lazy Witch!  Don’t be a Stupid Witch! Don’t be an Ignorant Witch! And don’t be an Arrogant Asshat!  Nobody likes that shit!

Side note here, if you really want the truth on your own beliefs, read documents from people who don’t espouse them, or promote them.  Propaganda works because people don’t use resources outside their comfort zone. Read the other side, then decide for YOURSELF! 

You may now resume your regularly scheduled Witchy Wednesday!  Thank you, that is all.

Glitter Pushed me Right Over the Edge into Intolerance

A friend had asked for my help in finding an appropriate protection spell for his particular situation.  I am one hell of a researcher so I was game to help.  Research frustrates me though, because as a traditional witch, I see glimpes and shades of Wicca in spells that are not otherwise overtly Wiccan.  I even specifically search for non-wiccan spells.  For example, it doesn’t matter to me what color a candle is, or even if I have one.  I don’t need any alter tools, and I don’t limit my spell work to particular days.  On this day, however, I encountered spell casting of a sort I was thoroughly unprepared for and I haven’t been the same since.  Here, I’ll let you read it, straight from the site:


A Spell for protection against any evil, or those who wish to do you harm.

You Need:
Your Staff/wand
Silver or blue shiny glitter

Okay, just to make sure we’re all on the same page here, I’m going to take a pause and let that sink in.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

You Need:
Your Staff/wand
Silver or blue shiny glitter

Suffice it to say, I lost my mind that day.  Glitter, a simple arts and crafts supply, turned me from a slightly frustrated traditional witch into a pissed off, outspoken defender of old magick.  Where I used to be happy spending my days posting jokes to Facebook, I’ve now become an Instagram and internet presence whose daily goals are repeating (and repeating, and repeating) things I always thought we all knew.

  • Not all witches are Wiccan
  • Dark is NOT Bad
  • Just because you have a rede (alter, chalice, cape) doesn’t mean I do
  • The three-fold law you live by is basically fiction to me
  • Not everyone believes in Karma
  • And most importantly, that glitter is not now, nor has it EVER, in any known dimension of the universe, been a necessary ingredient in spell casting. NEVER